Vocabulary Boost is a series of three write-in supplementary booklets which helps students acquire a large number of BAND II words and phrases in a contextual and systematic manner. There is one book for each grade 7-9.

The Vocabulary Boost booklets systematically introduce, practice and review approximately 1,000 of the Ministry of Education’s most updated lexical list of Band II Core 1 and Core 2 words, as listed in the English Curriculum 2020.

All the vocabulary words in these booklets are integrated in engaging texts appealing to the student’s interests, experiences and knowledge. The words are practiced again and again in activities which contribute to a deeper knowledge of the vocabulary, helping students attain a full mastery of the words. To assist the learning process, the activities progress gradually in level of difficulty. As an added value, the booklets help promote students’ reading, listening, writing and speaking skills.

Each booklet in the Vocabulary Boost series includes:

  • 14 units, each containing a new word list, pre-reading vocabulary practice, a reading passage, reading comprehension questions based on the new vocabulary, additional vocabulary activities, a listening comprehension activity, a scaffolded writing task and a speaking activity.
  • example answers to support learning.
  • 6 periodical reviews and self-assessments to help the students master the target BAND II vocabulary.
  • tools for the students to monitor and assess their own vocabulary acquisition.
  • a glossary of the new vocabulary.
  • a Teacher’s Guide including answer keys, checklists, rubrics, and transcripts of all spoken texts.
  • audio files for listening and reading.

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