Making Headway

Unit 7 Prefixes Practice

Watch this video and then answer the questions that follow.

Complete the sentences with the correct words from the Bank:

impossible -  enable -  disobey -  unlock -  misspell -  preheat -  underground -  rebuild -  misjudge -  rewrite

1. When drivers traffic rules they cause accidents.

2. It was to hear the teacher because of the noise.

3. Only teamwork will us to finish the project on time. 

4. My teacher told me to my essay to get a better grade. 

5. Points will be taken off if you words. 

6. You must the oven before you start baking. 

7. After Hurricane Katrina, the people in New Orleans had to the city. 

8. You need a code to the safe.

9. I was surprised by his behavior because I hardly ever people.

10. The car park is full.