Linking Lines Revised

Pages 86-87: Vocabulary and Text Review

After reading the text, take this quiz.

Questions 1-5: Write or select the correct word in the blank, using the vocabulary on page 85.

Questions 6-10: Answer True or False according to the text.

1. is the belief that certain people are inferior to you.

2. The of "Show Racism the Red Card" is to educate and bring awareness of racist behavior.

3. Role models can help discrimination.

4. Their to fight for what is right, is impressive.

5. You should respect other people's .

6. Verbal abuse is not considered racism.
7. People whose lives are affected by racism have equal opportunities.
8. Being young doesn't mean you can't stand up against racism.
9. When you put yourself in someone else's shoes you can understand them better.
10. The time has come to put an end to discrimination.