We Take Charge

Page 85 Prefixes Practice

Watch this video and then answer the questions that follow.

Complete the sentences with the correct words from the Bank:

reconnect -  relearn -  disconnect -  distrust -  unimportant -  repaint -  unlock -  dislike -  disappear -  rewrite

1. They didn't do a good job painting the walls. We have to them all.

2. Before you take the computer for repair, you have to all the wires. Later when you bring it home, I'll help you them.

3. I can't remember all the new words. I have to them before the test tomorrow. 

4. My teacher told me to my essay to get a better grade. 

5. I don't think he is honest. I him. 

6. Don't worry about losing my book. It's because I have another one. 

7. Sometimes I think Larry me. He always leaves when he sees me.

8. You need a code to the safe.

9. The magician made the rabbit before our eyes. It was his best trick.