Making Headway

Page 85 Ilan Ramon Reading Quiz

Read the text about Ilan Ramon on page 85. Then do the activity that follows.

1. Sequence the sentences below according to the article you read about Ilan Ramon on page 85.
  • To honor the memory of Ilan Ramon, many streets, schools and space centers were name after him in Israel.
  • During the mission, Ilan Ramon led two experiments that were conducted on board the shuttle.
  • After his studies, Ilan Ramon returned to the Air Force as a colonel.
  • He joined the Israeli Air Force as a combat pilot.
  • In 2003, Ilan Ramon was part of a 16-day mission in space on the space shuttle Columbia.
  • Ilan Ramon was born in Ramat Gan, Israel.
  • The Israeli Space Agency and NASA began working on a project together.
  • NASA chose Ilan Ramon to be part of the project and he became the first Israeli astronaut.
  • Ramon studied and received a degree in electronics and computer engineering.
  • The Columbia exploded when it returned to Earth, and Ilan Ramon died.