Linking Lines Revised

Page 8 Vocabulary Quiz

Select the correct answer.


1. I am ___________ the fact that he likes me and it makes me happy.

2. Harry's ___________  speech at the Oscars was very moving.

3. Someone who helps you, is showing you ___________.

4. My favorite artist has an ___________ next month at the museum.

5. She wants to be an ___________ woman, so she got a job.

6. He loves turtles so much that I think it is safe to say that he is ___________ them.

7. In order to enrich his vocabulary, the teacher is encouraging him to ___________ reading more books.


8. Caring about the planet means that you are involved in keeping it safe.

9. "Possessions" is not a synonym of the word "belongings".

10. If he tends to laugh at my jokes, does it mean that my jokes are funny?