Write to Succeed

Get students to write for success!

More than ever before, writing skills are a valued commodity in today’s world. Get equipped with the skills needed to succeed in academic studies and the workplace.

Write to Succeed helps students master a variety of writing skills through:

  • Expressive Writing – In the classroom, students are often constrained by the expectation to give “the right answer.” It takes time and practice for students to get used to the idea that they can write creatively. Inspire students to express themselves through journal writing, free association and descriptive writing. Help students to find their inner voice by encouraging them to express their thoughts and emotions spontaneously.
  • Practical Writing – Equip students with the writing tools they need to write in real-life situations, such as:
  • - University application letter   - Essay
    - Job application letter   - Biography
    - Curriculum vitae (CV)   - Letter of complaint
    - Book report   - Summary
    - Blog   - Procedure

In Write to Succeed, each writing type is demonstrated with:

  • Infographics Get students to internalize structure and logic using visual tools, especially tailored for today’s graphic generation.
  • Real-life samples Motivate students with inspiring examples that engender discussion and engagement.
  • Teaching tips and explanations New concepts are clearly and graphically explained, with different strategies for expressive and practical writing.

 Leverage infographics as a teaching tool

Visual examples for each practical writing type are provided as infographics, giving students the opportunity to first learn by example and then practice on their own.

WtS 1

Motivate students to think out-of-the-box

Encourage students to think freely and independently via journal writing. Then, use the creative skill of brainstorming as a first step in essay writing.

WtS 2 

Learn writing logic with infographics

One of the most challenging aspects of writing is organizing the paragraphs in a logical way. Write to Succeed uses infographics to demonstrate how the paragraphs in an essay can be organized in different ways.

 WtS 3A

Use self-evaluation and feedback tools

 At the end of the book, students are given the opportunity to rate how well they have mastered journal writing and practical writing types. Used as a communication tool, this form of feedback helps teachers to gauge where students are holding and make continuous improvements.






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