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We are happy to inform you that

Near and far

 our new book  for

Foundation level stage 2

 has been given approval no. 2700 for use in schools by the book approval department at the Ministry of Education.

Details of the book can be seen here


We are happy to inform you that

Letter quest

 our new book  for

Pre-Foundation level

 has been given approval no. 2742 for use in schools by the book approval department at the Ministry of Education.

Details of the book can be seen here


Useful Links



The Effortless English Blog
Effortless English has hundreds of free resources, videos and podcasts.


LearnEnglish Kids 
British Council site  has many free online games to help children learn English the fun way


English Grammar Basics
Practice your Grammar
  - 30 lessons on the principles of grammar.


We are happy to inform you that

Take the Lead

our new book  for

proficiency level stage 1

 has been given approval no. 4412 for use in schools by the book approval department at the Ministry of Education.

Details of the book can be seen here

Take the Lead small 


We are happy to inform you that


, our new book  for

Intermediate Level Stage 3

 has been given approval no. 3273 for use in schools by the book approval department at the Ministry of Education.

Details of the book can be seen here

take charge



In addition to using Word and PowerPoint to present work there are other options. Pupils can use their smartphones to make video clips of dialogues or simple plays they have written. These can then be uploaded to a school web site for class viewing. There are also a number of websites that offer some interesting ways of presenting material.

Thinglink ( lets you tag images with text, links and video clips. You simply upload the image and then click wherever you want to add a tag. You can use different icons for text, links to sites, links to music and anything else you want to add. The site has a section for teachers in which they can create a channel for their class and display pupils’ work there. The site can be used by pupils at all stages. Beginning learners can write a few words and add a link to a song or piece of music. More proficient learners can write a short paragraph and add links to sites with more information. Their pictures can then be used as a base for an oral presentation to the class.

Fakebook  ( as its name suggests is a site where you can create a page that is the same as a Facebook page. The idea is for teachers and pupils to create a page for a historical or literary character and add friends and create posts for them. As with a regular Facebook page images and videos can be added. The Fakebook page can be saved and displayed on your school website.

Linoit ( is a tool for creating a group bulletin board. Members of the group can add sticky notes and images. This could be used at the beginning of the year as an introductory activity. Each of the pupils could add a sticky note about him/herself. Later on it could be used to create bulletin boards for specific topics. The bulletin board can also be used as a communication tool between teachers, pupils and parents with reminders about assignments and class events.

English teachers are known for assigning talks and lectures
to be presented to the class. Although such presentations are
sometimes interesting to the student audience, more often
than not they are boring and seemingly interminable.

One type of oral presentation is a demonstration. Instead of

lecturing, the student actually performs some kind task in front
of the group and narrates as he goes along. The possibilities for
creativity are endless. Demonstrations can range from making
an omelet to styling hair to building a Lego castle.

Note: A few years ago, two students of mine recited the
balcony scene from “Romeo and Juliet” as they
prepared no-bake chocolate balls which were later
served to the students. It was a huge hit.

I have been using UPP’s books for over 3 decades.  From beginning stages in English to the introduction of literature in junior high; from developing grammar skills in elementary school to enriching those skills in high school, UPP’s books have been an integral part of the process.

The publishers at UPP provide useful and enjoyable books to learn English with!! Keep up the good work!!

Rita Gvili 

UPP has a great professional staff, UPP's prices are reasonable, UPP's staff is extremely helpful, UPP has great service,

UPP's subject matter is quite interesting, UPP's material is quite popular and on target for all ages,

UPP- WE love you!

 Yours, from Lori's Educational Center

This is the first of our Tech Tools Tips for Teachers. I hope you find it useful. If you have any requests or suggestions for further tip sheets please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Today’s tips are going to be about sites that can be used in elementary schools as enrichment activities for beginning readers. Pupils can either use these sites on their own or you, the teacher can use the sites with the pupils. You can create your own activities to match the stories and games or just let the pupils have fun in English.

StoryPlace: The Children’s Digital Library

storyplace image


The library has a pre-elementary and elementary section. The pre-elementary stories are very simple and repetitive which means that pupils can join in. There are also online activities for pupils to complete after the story.

The elementary stories are interactive.   Pupils need to choose characters and make decisions as the stories progress.

BBC Schools



The BBC offers a wide range of literacy activities. Spend some exploring the site and decide which activities best suit your pupils. There are accompanying worksheets to many of the online activities.




Starfall is one of the first sites that was created to help teach basic reading skills. The site offers pages to practice initial letters sounds stories based on sound patterns, and then progress to simplified versions of well-known stories. All the stories are narrated with highlighted text.




This site has a huge collection of talking stories and activities. The site is free bit you need to register.




A beautifully designed site that offers a large selection of read aloud stories and activities. 

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