Tell Me in English ABC

Tell Me In English ABC

Caren Neuman & Julie Nevo

Third-Graders all over Israel have gained a solud foundation in English with this successful program. The fun activities, variety of topics and useful teacher's kit make this a wonderful program for beginners.

Full of fun language activities, this success oriented book is an oral program for young learners just embarking on studying English. . The book provides initial acquisition of the letters of the alphabet and their sounds and offers a variety of topics relevant to the world of the young learner.

The book is accompanied by a student’s audio cassette or CD, a class audio cassette, a teacher’s kit with pictures and a detailed teacher’s guide specifying targeted benchmarks and providing assessment tools.

Arabic Cassette is available


Also available, Tell me in English ABCTeacher's CD to download here

Sales price: 49,4 ₪


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