Perfecting Module E

Perfecting Module E 

Bagrut exams challenge students in several ways.

First, students are required to understand texts on a multitude of topics which are suited to the level of the module they are being tested on.

Perfecting Module E addresses this issue since it offers a variety of texts aimed not only at enriching student vocabulary, but arousing their interest as well. 

Second, students must be able to answer what is asked of them within a limited time. This is often a challenge for those students for whom Module E is the highest level exam they take.

In order to facilitate this skill, we have added visual aids which have already proved beneficial to many students.

By color coding the text and questions, students find it easier to locate the answer in the text. This visual aid minimizes the time it takes to find the correct answer of the reference on which the question is based.

In addition, when asked to find an answer in a different paragraph, students will not make the mistake of writing an answer based on information from the same paragraph, since they know they must look for a different color.  



Perfecting Module E is accompanied by an answer key

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