Point to 3 Unit LOG B

Point to B - Unit Log caters to the needs of 3-point students. It includes a variety of literary pieces, all of which have been approved by the Ministry of Education. It gives the teachers the freedom to focus on the literary pieces that appeal to their students since there is a much larger selection of literary pieces than is required.

The texts and poems appearing in the book were chosen with care. They are easy to understand, interesting and enjoyable. The book is unique because it offers guided reading accompanied by easy to follow exercises on detachable worksheets, which can be inserted into the students' log file.  

The book contains 8 units:

  • 5 short stories.
  • 3 poems.

Each Unit Includes:

  • Pre Reading Activity
  • Basic Understanding (including different question types such as multiple-choice, open-ended, sentence completion)
  • Analysis and Interpretation (including different question types and Extended HOTS questions).
  • Bridging Text and Context
  • Post-Reading Activity
  • Vocabulary Enrichment

The teacher's guide includes an answer-key, different activities and Summative Assessment (a test) for each literary piece. Each Summative Assessment focuses on vocabulary, basic understanding, and simple analysis questions according to the requirements of the Ministry of Education 

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