Easy Going

Easy Going by is designed for Junior High students with emerging language skills.The reading texts center around adolescents' problems and experiences.
Students will enjoy relating the themes to their own lives.
The primary objective of the course is vocabulary building. The texts and exercises provide a variety of ways to get to know and recycle basic words.
Special Features:
● A mini-dictionary accompanies each reading text to aid comprehension and enhance self-study.
● Instructions are translated into Hebrew and Arabic.
● Basic grammatical items are introduced in Hebrew and Arabic.
● Sentence-building tables are exploited as guided-writing tools.
● Tips draw students' attention to multi-meaning words.
● Thinking skills are developed step-by-step.
● In each unit, there is a section entitled EXTRA, which encourages independent reading and facilitates vocabulary revision.
The material has been piloted in alternative classroom settings.
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