Grammar to go 2

Batia Elazar and Ronit Broder

Grammar to Go 2 is a practice book that has been especially designed with “B” stream 8th grade learners in mind. It is part of a new series of books for junior high school.
Written by the authors of the Grammar Helper series, this book provides extra support and practice in helping less advanced learners understand grammar patterns.
Special features of this series include:
•    Explanations of grammar points presented in L1
•    Simple vocabulary to lighten the cognitive load, enabling learners to focus on the grammar point, and not have to be concerned with the comprehension.
•    Controlled graded exercises based more on recognition than on production
•    A “Same or Different” feature for comparing and contrasting language patterns in English with those of the pupils’ first language
•    A comprehensive glossary

Also available:
Teacher's Guide
with an answer key
A CD OF Tests


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